ARTISTA Financing campaign 2017:
Empower Young Women

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ARTISTA is a free youth mentorship for young women interested in theatre. It is made possible through the generous donations of organizations and individuals like yourself. The program was developed to help the participants promote confidence in their individual voice and story through writing and performance. Donations help to cover the cost of meals and to pay the mentors and artists who are sharing their experience and time to help these girls pursue their passion for theatre.

Help us keep ARTISTA free!

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“Study after study has shown us
that when women are
fully empowered and engaged,
all of society benefits.”

-Asha-Rose Migiro,
United Nations 3rd Deputy Secretary-General

Why donate?

"I support ARTISTA because it fulfills a need that is often overlooked. Guiding young women to discover their talents  & interests and to develop pride & self esteem - this is a valuable contribution to society! The way they and the mentors engage with each other is a learning process that is very special. I wish it much continued success." - Rebecca Dyck, Nursing Instructor

"I think that ARTISTA is such an important initiative and I am so happy that it is continuing and I am so proud and lucky that I have been a part of it. The young women are so inspiring and it is amazing to see their growth. It is truly a gift. Way to go ladies!" Melanie St-Jacques, Stage Manager