Dear educators, we need you!

Creating community is at the heart of Imago Theatre`s mandate. As a company that produces socially relevant and political work, having a relationship with teachers and students is of great importance to us. Through our programs such as Artista, a youth mentorship program connecting young women to mentors through theatre practices, and our Pay-What-You-Decide policy for our main stage shows, we at Imago are dedicated to get the art out and invite the conversations in.

The staff at Imago Theatre is made up of theatre practitioners. We are performers, directors, writers, visual artists, and educators. Creating active partnerships with schools is one of our priorities. We stand by the belief that theatre should be part of the education system in order to inspire dialogue about the changing nature of our times through the portal of art.


Her Side of the Story: Revision to Resist

How can we make this easy for you?

We know how hard you work therefore we want to help with the load. Depending on the needs of your classroom, we present a variety of options to facilitate this partnership.

In-class encounters with Imago Artists
We are open and eager to take part in discussions with teachers and students on a variety of areas of interest.

The Art
How to approach story, performance, direction, and design.
The Industry 
A discussion on the essentials needed in the industry; from how to approach an audition to what it takes to producing a show.
The Project
Specifically based on an upcoming Imago production; broaching why this story was chosen, what are the themes, and the process of bringing this story to life.
Support Materials
A detailed study guide suited to you and your students’ needs
Extra teaching support materials leading up to the show
A visit from Imago`s Artistic Director – Micheline Chevrier,
accompanied by the artists involved in the project
to answer any questions about the project or life in the arts

Her Side of the Story: Revision to Resist

The festival takes place at Centaur Theatre from October 31 to November 5
To read more about the festival click here

The festival, featuring 4 local directors and 4 award-winning Canadian and international playwrights, asks the question:

Can the reimagination of myth/story and history be an act of reclamation and resistance?

Imago Theatre is committed to creating a relationship with teachers and students in order to inspire dialogue about the important issues that confront us today.

Teaching interests for Her Side of the Story: Revision to Resist
Theatre, Litterature, History, Classics, Law, Women`s studies, Politics, Economics, Sociology, Religion, Humanities, Liberal Arts, Philosophy, Gender, Sexuality, Feminism, International development

Post-colonialism, capitalism, the historical lens, patriarchy, women`s rights, gender, systems of oppression and marginalization

15$/students, seniors, artists
Groups of 10+: 12$/student
For the Pay-What-You-Decide option click here.


If you have any questions and need more details about the festival please do not hesitate to contact me at or call 514-274-3222

We invite you to read more about our plays below and would be more than happy to discuss them in greater detail with you.

The Plays

Performance Schedule

The Penelopiad
October 31 at 8pm 
November 5 at 1:30pm

The Last Wife
November 1 at 8pm
November 4 at 1:30pm

What Happened after Nora Left Her Husband
November 3 at 8pm 
November 4 at 8pm

Fucking A
November 2 at 8pm
November 5 at 8pm

Special Events
Panel on women who revision
November 4 from 4:30-6:00 

Long Table: Why revision?
November 5 from 4:30-6:00
Can the reimagination of myth/story and history be an act of reclamation and resistance?

The Penelopiad 
by Margaret Atwood

Order of Canada, Booker Prize, and Governor General’s Award winner

“Now that I am dead I know everything” – Penelope

Margaret Atwood’s dramatic retelling of Homer’s The Odyssey places Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, and the cousin of Helen of Troy, at the centre of the play. Penelope, and her chorus of maids, reorient the classic myth, expanding events that exist as mere footnotes in Homer’s original work.

The Last Wife
by Kate Hennig
“…lively…contemporary…unapologetic”– Globe and Mail

‘I have a choice?”  Katherine

The Last Wife is a compelling contemporary retelling of the relationship between Katherine Parr and Henry VIII. Witty, smart and achingly relevant, The Last Wife recounts Her Side of a complex and tumultuous time in history and offers a powerful examination of patriarchy, gender politics, motherhood and women’s rights.

  Fucking A     
by Suzan Lori-Parks
2002 Pulitzer Prize winner

“It’s not that we love what we do, but we do it…” – Hester

Inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s famous novel The Scarlet LetterFucking A tells the story of Hester, a woman shamed for her work as an illegal abortionist and a mother with a mission to save her son from prison. Fucking A is an eerily current commentary on human delusion, power dynamics and what we are willing to sacrifice for love.

What Happened after Nora Left Her Husband
Elfriede Jelinek
2004 Nobel Prize winner in Literature

“Before I could become human I needed to leave my husband” – 

What Happened after Nora left her Husband is inspired by Ibsen’s plays, A Doll’s House and The Pillars of Society. Having recently left her husband, Nora Helmer navigates life in a consumerist society where everything and everyone has its price.Taking on the complex identities of mother, artist, lover, prostitute, dominatrix and business woman, Nora searches for a sense of self unfettered by male fantasy and male dominance.

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