Divinity Bash / Nine Lives

By Bryden MacDonald
May 9 to 26, 2002, at the the Monument-National’s du Maurier Theatre

“A perfect example of Imago Theatre fulfilling its solemn dedication to supporting theatre that is provocative, challenging and innovative in unconventional modes of production.”

Divinity Bash / Nine Lives is a non-linear epic tale centring around one man’s descent through the cracks of society into the underworld of a major city. It is a gritty poetic odyssey, funny in the darkest, richest way. Giving distinct and colourful voices to the disenfranchised, Divinity Bash/Nine Lives bashes space and time with its unconventional structure, bypassing sentimentality, proving a mystical urban roller coaster ride that speaks directly to our condition as human beings, in this new and rapidly evolving (or dissolving?) century.

Cast: Marc Beaupré, Howard Bilerman, Sarah Carlsen, Diana Fajrajsl, Alex Ivanovici, Bronwen Mantel, Michael Daniel Murphy, Omari Newton, Jean-Pierre Pérusse Creative Team: Ana Cappelluto (Set), Daveen Garland (Assistant Stage Manager), Lara Goldenberg (Stage Manager), Spike Lyne (Lighting), Bryden Macdonald (Director), Ken Mackenzie (Assistant Director), Alexander MacSween (Sound and original music), Tiffany Oschmann (Costumes), James Richardson (Assistant Lighting)