Who Are We?

Imago Theatre is a catalyst for conversation, an advocate for equal representation and a hub for stories about unstoppable women.

Her Side of the Story: Revision to Resist

The Plays 

Revisioning the Wild West and women’s choice

Jill Connell is a playwright, director and producer based in Toronto. She wrote and directed The Supine Cobbler, which shows a woman going through...

Revisioning Value

Our Artistic Director on why she is revisioning the value=money equation I pay. I go. I have an experience but I’m consuming. I think that’s what it...

Dramaturgy with Micheline Chevrier and Emma Tibaldo

On an unseasonably hot Sunday two weeks ago participants gathered around a very large table to learn about the big D word – Dramturgy –...

Learning from masks with Anana Rydvald

Anana Rydvald is a performer who creates masks, teaches mask, movement and improvisation; and writes and performs mask shows. She’s naturally...

Pure Movement with Rebecca Harper

As the National Theatre School’s Head of Movement, Rebecca Harper is instrumental in training the next generation of Canada’s theatre...

Talking voice with Lucinda Davis and Pauline Little

Lucinda and Pauline’s video had us all giggling in the office! It looks like their workshop will be so much fun and give aspiring voice...

In the training room with Kyungseo Min


A few minutes with Erin Shields

Governor General award-winning playwright Erin Shields is a busy lady: she’s working on a new piece about Shakespeare’s women for...

Ready or Not: Reflections from one of the creators of Elsewhere

The Venezuelan crisis has been building slowly ever since I was a child in Caracas. It slipped into focus: more kids on the street begging for food,...

Things I think about

Hello my name is Sophie Gee and I’m the new Artistic and Administrative Assistant at Imago Theatre. I am a director of mostly new creations...
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