INTRACTABLE WOMAN is a story that is frighteningly paralleled to present-day politics. Anna Politkovskaya’s fight for freedom from censorship and freedom of the press continues to have urgent relevancy in today’s society.

Read what Montreal journalists have to say about Intractable Woman:


“We’ve now entered the world of “alternate facts” and state-sanctioned speech suppression in the US. There has never been a better time for us to be reminded of the importance of journalism, and a local Montreal theatre company has just the ticket for us.”Upcoming Montreal Events to Make you Think and Feel (Toula Drimonis for the Daily Hive)

“a hot-topic piece.”It’s Politics Not as Usual in Montreal’s Upcoming Theatre Season ( Jim Burke for The Montreal Gazette)

“It’s unavoidable that every day’s rehearsal begins with a conversation about some new obscenity,” Aziz said, “usually having to do with either the treatment of the press or the conduct of the press. Both angles are shocking, and it’s shocking to see so much of our play being enacted on a real stage.”- Theatre: Mr. Goldberg’s insight; Anna Politkovskaya’s inspiration (The Montreal Gazette)

“Performed on a three-tiered set of bleachers connected by forbidding chain-link fencing, it’s a powerful and fascinatingly detailed show”– (The Montreal Gazette) Read the full review here.

“Condlln added, “what we are doing right now with our art, with this play, is dangerously parallel to what is happening [in the real world].”– The McGill Daily (Read the full review here)

“Politkovskaya’s fight for freedom of the press and freedom from censorship continues to have pressing relevance, which Imago Theatre underlines in its message to the public: “Be Intractable in your defence of a world that fights for freedom from censorship; a world that embraces a plurality of perspectives.” Intractable Woman inspires us to always make space for marginalized voices and challenge dominant narratives.”– The McGill Daily (Read the full review here)

“The politically charged yet poetic piece pleads for sharp storytellers of exceptional intellect and bravura, and fortunately the high-calibre cast hits the mark. There is no weak link among the award-winning, tightly woven acting ensemble of Aziz, Condlln and Setshwaelo.”Montreal Theatre Hub