Isadora Fabulist

by Greg Kramer
November 7 to 10, 2007,  at the Monument-National Studio

Photo credit: Zoe Kilakos

“…it is a compelling story, cleverly told, and you do get caught up in it.”
The Mirror


Inspired by the life and work of dancer Isadora Duncan, Isadora: Fabulist! is a timely work for this age of self-indulgence and fame. The piece deals with the very current theme of art versus fame. For today’s youth, fame is a realistic career goal and Andy Warhol’s ‘15 minutes of fame’ is no longer considered ironic but a birth right. Isadora: Fabulist! explores a modern perspective of attitudes towards celebrity as seen through the eyes of a young aspiring artist. The play is a celebration of the artist in society, an homage to a woman who refused to compromise in both her life and art, a woman who changed the world of dance forever.

Cast: Marc Bendavid, Chip Chuipka, Diana Fajrajsl, Leni Parker, Andrew Shaver, Patricia Summersett Creative Team: Todd Bricker (Stage Manager), Ana Cappelluto (Set), Amy Keith (Costumes),  Isabelle Lussier (Sound and original music), Corinne Merrell (Assistant Set), David Perreault Ninacs (Lighting), Sarah Stanley (Director)