Joannie Verreault

“Elle serais surprise de m’entendre dire que c’est mon modele.”-Caroline Verreault, nominatrice 

Joannie est une artiste visuelle, une photographe , une enseignante et desormais plus que jamais une femme epanouie. Elle a grandie a Sorel, a l’inverse , elle a quittée la maison fin vingtaine. Toujours aux études et de nature boheme, elle s’est laissé porter par le style de vie d’étudiante pendant un bon moment. Un départ vers montreal en debut de 30ene a changé sa facon de vivre.

Romita was nominated by Florence Paré, a 24 year old trans woman from Montreal who studies law with a focus on trans health policy. Florence enjoys TV shows, singing, playing guitar, alcoholic drinks, and destroying the white capitalist cisheteropatriarchy. She nominated Romita because….

“I met her (Romita) shortly after I began transitioning and have since worked on many projects with her. We have worked together on Contours – Voices of Women in Law and have organised a panel on the Lived Experiences of Trans Women of Colour and the Law. She has been involved in so many projects and has been a relentless social justice advocate. Without her, life at McGill law would just not be the same. Her best qualities are her tirelessness and her empathy.”

Aquil Virani on why he chose to CelebrateHer:  Joannie spends more time behind the camera than in front of it. I knew that she would notice the compositional choices of her portrait in a way that others might not. The home she has made with her partner Rumi felt like a treasure hunt of art projects. Joannie knows the opportunity she has as a teacher to shape the lives of her students. She is centered, both literally and figuratively, among the painted background that combines two of her passions in a symmetric way. The colour palette positions her against the stereotypical expectation of “girls wear pink.” I meant to include a subtle reference to an angel’s halo that emerges from the circular rings of the camera lens.