Become a Pay-What-You-Decide-Partner

Imago’s 3 Step Process for supporting your belief that “Theatre isn’t only for the rich.”
Note: If you are already aware of the 3 step process and you are ready to donate you can do so here

STEP 1: We agree with that statement too so we created an initiative called Pay-What-You-Decide where our audiences can come and see challenging and inspiring theatre at a cost that EXACTLY suits their financial means. With Pay-What-You-Decide the price for a theatre show could be five cents or 500 dollars. That means that you don’t need to have money to attend one of our shows!

STEP 2:  Now that you’ve heard more about our Pay-What-You-Decide program AND you believe that “theatre isn’t only for the rich,” we can move on to Step 3.

STEP 3 involves you supporting your beliefs and convictions that “Theatre isn’t only for the rich” by becoming a Pay-What-You-Decide partner.

A Pay-What-You-Decide partner commits to a monthly donation of $10 or more from February 1st-July 1st, 2018.
After 5 months, if you still want to keep partnering with us, guess what? You can! Sounds like a logical and excellent way of making theatre more accessible to all, right?

Here’s how to become a Pay-What-You-Decide partner

To become a Pay-What-You-Decide partner, donate through Canada Helps here.

Know that if you become a PWYD partner, you are helping Imago and our Board of Directors to raise $3,000 towards ensuring that theatre isn’t only for the rich for Imago’s present season. Through Pay-What-You-Decide we have seen a seismic shift in the volume and demographic of our audiences. More and more people are attending Imago shows and our audiences are of all ages, engaged and diverse. Partner with us to keep this positive initiative in place.


Theatre isn’t only for the rich.