Resident Artists Projects in Development

Imago Theatre supports the creation of projects in development by local theatre artists. These projects are new works exploring socially relevant topics, often presenting female perspectives or marginalized voices. Imago aids in the creation of these projects by offering mentorship, workshop opportunities, and access to a community of artists.

 Les Voisines

A play about Hasidic Women by Arianna Bardesono


A play about women and home by Julie Tamiko-Manning

When the Light

A play about care by Caitlin Murphy

The Sound of Dogs

A play about Deaf culture by Jennifer Roberts



Artist Bio

Originally from Iran, Nora Zarkandi arrived in Montreal in February 2015.Nora trained as an actor at the Karnameh Art Institute in Teheran and graduated in 2008.  She then both worked as an actress, in such as plays as Veil of Bride, directed by Amir Amjad, and studied at Azad University, where she received a BA in Dramatic Literature in 2014.   Nora also appeared in several short films and television movies, most notably: Duet for One, directed by Morvarid Sayad; The Man Who Thought, directed by Mansour Frozesh; Waiting, directed by Flora Sam.  She also wrote and performed in two plays: I Promise You and Cold Season.

Since her arrival in Canada, Nora performed in The Star-Spangled Girl directed by Mehdi Goleij and in A Behanding, directed by Naeem Jebeli.

Artistic Internship through démART-MTL

Through the support of the Conseil des arts de Montréal’s démART program, Nora is participating in an artistic internship facilitated by Imago Theatre and Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal from January to July 2017. The artistic internship is an opportunity for Nora to receive an introduction to Montreal’s professional arts community, develop new networks, expand and develop her knowledge of the French and English languages, and familiarize herself with the artistic process of playmaking here in Canada. More importantly, Nora will be given the opportunity to expand her knowledge of dramatic repertoire from Quebec and Canada and will benefit from the guidance, mentorship and constructive career- building skills offered through Imago and PWM’s years of expertise. Throughout her internship, Nora will be working on a new script, which will then be translated into English.  Imago and PWM are thrilled to have Nora on board. Her voice adds to the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Montreal theatre community, and her different perspective and experience are richly contributing to our conversations and our work.