Sophie Gee is a director of mostly new creations which she presents under the name Nervous Hunter. Works include The Phaedra Project (No! I! Don’t! Want! To! Fall! In! Love! With! You!) (Montreal, arts interculturels, Montreal), I Am Such a Small Container for All This (Iceland, SEAS Festival), Domestik (Eastern Bloc, Montreal), and Estate (National Theatre School, Festival Occupe Bain St Michel). A rehearsed reading of her play Da Jia (Everyone/Big House) was presented at FuGen’s Walk the Walk Festival in association with Factory Theatre, under the direction of Nina Lee Aquino. Sophie’s multidisciplinary inquiry on success, Lévriers, is one of the projects in incubation at Théâtre Aux Écuries. A graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada’s Directing Programme, Sophie strives for ways to combine her love of text and story with the working and research processes of dance and contemporary art.