The Peace Maker

By Natasha Greenblatt
Staged Reading, February 13, 2014, at and in partnership with Playwrights Workshop Montreal

“I started writing The Peace Maker in 2009 after spending three months in Israel and Palestine. I’d gone on Birthright, a free trip for all Jews in the Diaspora under the age of 27, and volunteered as a Drama Teacher in the West Bank. I’d met many people that surprised me, seen many things that devastated me. I’d laughed and cried and played a lot of theatre games. After my return from the Middle East I was left with many questions. Questions about the difference between peace and justice, questions about the effectiveness of NGO’s, questions about identity. And I’m still asking these questions.”
-Natasha Greenblatt, playwright

The Peace Maker is the story of Sophie, a young Canadian Jewish woman, who travels to Israel and Palestine, and discovers that identity is ultimately “self-invention, and not an inheritance of the past.” She struggles to understand this complex conflict through her friendships with both an Israeli soldier and a young Palestinian girl, and attempts to heal the rift between the two people through the power of music. Ultimately, her naiveté puts them all in danger and must accept that understanding takes time.

“What is identity? I asked,
He said, “It’s self defence”
Identity is the child of birth, but
at the end it’s self defence, and not
an inheritance of the past. I am multiple
Within me an ever new exterior.”
-Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian Poet

Cast: Stefanie Buxton, Graham Cuthbertson, Stuart Fink, Ziad Ghanem, Mehrnaz Karan, Razi Shawhadeh Creative Team: Micheline Chevrier (Director), David Oppenheim (Musician), Pemi Paull (Musician), Samuel Sholdice (Composer and Musical Director)