So here I am.  Trying this out, exploring ideas, concepts, standards of and for women.  Nobody picked me to do this, I offered.  I am a somewhat unqualified young person named Margaret Rose, privileged in many ways, cultured within the bubble of my own life and passionate about theatre, only because I was given the space and time to explore the things I liked.  I had the time to figure out who I was, who I am and who I might become.

I hope that my curiosity in the behaviours of human nature, in stories that are both painful and beautiful, and my need to talk about social justice make it okay to write on this page.  With Imago Theatre we are providing the platform to discuss the topic of women’s vulnerability to violence- which their upcoming show Pig Girl by Colleen Murphy explores. And furthermore, to discuss what we as a theatre community and as a society are doing to take all this darkness and sorrow and make a positive change.

I’ll be here till the end of January to reach out to actors, writers, directors, teachers, students, social workers and more to open this conversation about women under the umbrella of not only violence but the strength and empowerment that we can find, even in and from atrocious situations.

Throughout these upcoming weeks we can examine the bigger scope of these issues and ideas that Imago Theatre consistently explores.  And hopefully when the curtain comes down, whether you have a desperate feeling of not knowing where to turn or there’s a fire in your belly, you can come to this site, share thoughts and become informed alongside myself and perhaps find the incentive to take action. 


“”…turn your head an’ see me.” She’s not asking; she’s demanding.”” –Pig Girl by Collen Murphy





Photo by: Clea Christakos Gee