The concept is simple: 12 questions sent to ARTISTA’s artist mentors and guests. They answer, you read, you find out some random but facinating things about them, and you get a sneak peak into their upcoming projects. Sounds pretty good, eh? Follow the links within the post to learn more about…

Felicia Shulman

Felicia Shulman

1. What is your song of the moment?

Honestly i don’t have a fave, I LOVE so much different music; but lately I have been GROOVING on BOUM BOUM BOUM- Mika and anything Baroque

2. What is your favorite place to grab coffee in Montreal?

My kitchen counter after we grind our organic free trade Corsé beans.

3. What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the Harper government?

Crap the word came to mind

4. Which artists, dead or alive, would you wait in line to meet?

Judy Garland,The Beatles, Bowie, O. Redon the artist, altho I doubt I’d have to wait in line. 🙂

5. What is your number one travel or escape destination?

I adore traveling ANYWHERE!!!!  Bus least fave mode.

6. What has been your favorite performance over the past 10 years anywhere in the world?

Too many to choose only one.

7. What first turned you onto theatre?

Age 3 or 4, Going to a dress rehearsal at The Montreal Children’s Theatre to see my bro and sis. The lights, costumes, the old wood of the proscenium, the excited buzz, I was Be Dazzled!

8. If a friend is visiting Montreal, where is the first place you take them?

Our home.  We always used to go to créperie called Le Triscal, on st. Denis which is no more 🙁 ~ so whatever food they want , we choose accordingly- Old Montreal– The mountain- Lachine canal and nature park. If it’s a hot summer the big Orange JULIP 🙂