The concept is simple: 12 questions sent to ARTISTA’s artist mentors and guests. They answer, you read, you find out some random but facinating things about them, and you get a sneak peak into their upcoming projects. Sounds pretty good, eh? Follow the links within the post to learn more about…

Jennifer Roberts



1-What is your song of the moment?

I’m so bad with music. If it weren’t for Songza and other free online playlists, I’d never hear a song made after the nineties. I’d say I’m always down for a Robyn song. I think it’s fair to say that she rocks my World.

2-What is your favorite place to grab coffee in Montreal?

I love having coffee in my apartment in the morning. I usually dash out of the house but I greatly appreciate those mornings where I can sit in my living room with the patio door open and just sip a coffee to my heart’s content. If I’m out at a café, it’s usually to meet a friend I haven’t seen in a while so I’m content to go anywhere.

3-What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the Harper government?

That photo of him with the kitten…


4-Which artists, dead or alive, would you wait in line to meet?

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Tina Fey. Although I wouldn’t want to just meet them in line, I’d want to have a coffee and many hours of conversation.

5-What is your number one travel or escape destination?

If I could afford it, I would go to Uganda every single summer.

6-What has been your favorite performance over the past 10 years anywhere in the world?

Ooh. I’m not much of a “favourites” person but the last time I was in NYC I was fortunate to see both Death of a Salesman and Sleep No More. They blew my mind in so many ways. The acting, the quality of production, the strength of all of the artists and creators, the stretching of possibilities, the connection I felt with the whole piece, and the motivation and drive I felt after observing the performances. So strong and incredibly inspiring. I was moved, to say the least.

death of a salesman

7-What first turned you on to theatre?

I was in high school and had to take an arts elective in the ninth grade. I almost took cooking but something tingled me toward a drama class. Our first assignment was to write and perform our own monologue. I had so much fun creating it and felt a surge of adrenaline during my performance. I always loved public speaking and presentations, but this was my first chance to create my own content. I felt like every part of me was stimulated in creation and I understood for the first time what it was like to “know what I want to do when I grow up.”


8-If a friend is visiting Montreal, where is the first place you take them?

I usually bring them with me to an event or a show so they get a sense of how I spend my time in Montreal. I always love staying with friends or locals in a new city and seeing the town in their eyes. It gives the city a personable life that I would have never known otherwise. I try to bring this experience to a friend of my own whenever I can. I also love walking so we usually do a lot of that. It’s such a nice way to meet the city.

9-What is your upcoming project?

A remount of In Memoriam by Sermo Scomber Theatre, written & directed by Sarah Segal-Lazar.

10-What excites/scares/inspires you most about the project?

I absolutely loved being a part of this production. It was challenging and exciting and a show that I was really proud of. We are doing a remount and I suppose the “scary” part is that it was a site-specific show that will be remounted in a new space so that comes with its own challenges. I’m feeling positive about it though and am happy we get an opportunity to give it another life because I was not ready to say goodbye to it.

12-What image or piece of music comes to mind when you think of the piece? (state name of song or attach the photo)
I would say a remix of Lilac Wine with Selfie. Ridiculous, I know.