The concept is simple: 12 questions sent to ARTISTA’s artist mentors and guests. They answer, you read, you find out some random but facinating things about them, and you get a sneak peak into their upcoming projects. Sounds pretty good, eh? Follow the links within the post to learn more about…

Leni Parker

Leni Parker

1. What is your song of the moment?

That changes daily. But many of Richard Buckner‘s songs, Low‘s music, and Vic Chestnut. The Pretenders are a regular listen for me. Chrissie Hynde is a powerful singer. There is a Vic Chestnut song, “You’ve Got One Friend…” that I listen to over and over. Also, Nick Drake’s From the Morning is beautiful.

2. What is your favorite place to grab coffee in Montreal?

Club Social.

LONELY PLANET REVIEW: Club Social: Another character-filled magnet literally a block away from Café Olimpico. Its terrace is equally sun-kissed, its coffee as flavorful, its ambience as lively. Most patrons split their time between these two legendary establishments.

3. What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the Harper government?

Bloated face and a black robe.

Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid)

4. Which artists, dead or alive, would you wait in line to meet?

Chekhov because he loved writing for women, Carol Churchill, Tennessee Williams (again, amazing female characters!) Uta Hagen, Brecht, Isadora Duncan, Meryl Streep, Maggie Smith, Mike Leigh, Fiona Shaw, Lawrence Olivier, I was going to say Gena Roland‘s, but I worked with her! Incredibly generous artist.

5. What is your number one travel or escape destination?

My brother’s camp, a cabin in New Brunswick. I can escape and disappear without any communication from the outside world.


6. What has been your favorite performance over the past 10 years anywhere in the world?

10 years? Hm… I’ve seen some great shows. I could never pick just one. Nathalie Claude’s trilogy pieces a few years back were incredible. Marcel Pomerleau from Theatre Momentum did a one person show years ago that left me speechless. I had worked for years with him and Nathalie in Pigeons International. Stunning work.

Nathalie_CLaude_by_Rolline Laporte_small_0

7. What first turned you onto theatre?

My childhood. The forest where I grew up. My imagination. My shyness.


8. If a friend is visiting Montreal, where is the first place you take them?

Into my arms. But it depends on the person, doesn’t it? I rather love just sitting anywhere and talking, catching up. Could be in my garden.

9. What is your upcoming project?

I have nothing at the moment; typical actor’s life. You never know. I just attended a master class win Carol Rosenfeld, so I’m digging into my psyche and exploring my life as an artist/ actor and spending time developing a daily practice for myself that does not depend on any upcoming projects.