The concept is simple: 12 questions sent to one of Montreal’s amazing female artists. They answer, you read, you find out some random but facinating things about them, and you get a sneak peak into their upcoming projects. Sounds pretty good, eh? Follow the links within the post to learn more about…


Lucinda Davis

1-What is your song of the moment?

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley.  It’s been a trying time of late.

2-What is your favorite place to grab coffee in Montreal?

Melk on Monkland.


3-What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the Harper government?

Voldemort and the Death Eaters

4-Which artists, dead or alive, would you wait in line to meet?

Ella Fitzgerald

5-What is your number one travel or escape destination?

My bathtub, my kobo, with a glass of wine and my cell phone off.


6-What has been your favorite performance over the past 10 years anywhere in the world?

Difficult question!  Scorched by Wadji Mouawad.

7-What first turned you on to theatre?

I had always been attracted to performing, whether it was figure skating, getting to read at the pulpit in church, or reading plays aloud in school.  I saw Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet when I was 12, and I knew I wanted to perform it somehow.  Then Black Theatre Workshop came to my high school and did Harriet T ( I think they might be doing the same show this year!), and seeing black actresses that I could speak to doing what I wanted to do, made the idea possible.  Winston Sutton, who was AD at the time, saw me, and suggested that I try their YouthWorks program (or something equivalent, it may have had a different name) during the summer.  My Mom wouldn’t let me.  But the possibility of it all never left me.

8-If a friend is visiting Montreal, where is the first place you take them?

Assuming the smoke meat/bagel/poutine needs will be met, I’d take them to a terrace. Cafe-Olimpico-Montreal

If they’re feeling touristy, I’d Old Montreal.


9-What is your upcoming project?

I start rehearsals for Random by Debbie Tucker Green.

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10-What excites/scares/inspires you most about the project?

I have never done a one woman show before. The challenge of it terrifies me.  It may also be lonely not having a cast, that so often becomes your family through the run of a show.  But I’ve been told that once you do a one-person show, you can do anything.  So I’m looking forward to feeling invincible in a few weeks.  Though I may have to have Warona Setshwaelo, Paul Van Dyck and Michaela Di Cesare (to name a few) on speed-dial for advice.   And I would do anything for any opportunity to work with Micheline.

12-What image or piece of music comes to mind when you think of the piece?

Time is a very important in the piece.  How we are ruled by time.  It is exact and definite and still intangible.  I like this melting exploding clock and what a random event in time can do.