The concept is simple: 12 questions sent to ARTISTA’s artist mentors and guests. They answer, you read, you find out some random but facinating things about them, and you get a sneak peak into their upcoming projects. Sounds pretty good, eh? Follow the links within the post to learn more about…

Stefanie Buxton

Stefanie Buxton_2

1.  What is your song of the moment?

Heavy Seas of Love, by Damon Albarn, featuring Brian Eno

2.  What is your favorite place to grab coffee in Montreal?

Cafe Sardine


3.  What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the Harper government?

Barren land

4)  Which artists, dead or alive, would you wait in line to meet?

Kate Bush, Nina Simone, Ethel Merman, Patti Smith and Sam Shepard…but I’m really not a fan of waiting in line…

5)  What is your number one travel or escape destination?


6)  What has been your favorite performance over the past 10 years anywhere in the world?

Bob Dylan

7)  What first turned you onto theatre?

Auditioning in grade five with a monologue for the school play…everything came into focus and made beautiful sense…I understood that this new-found place called “the theatre” has limitless possibilities and is abundant with love.

8)  If a friend is visiting Montreal, where is the first place you take them?

Mt. Royal…but if it’s raining or snowing, my kitchen

9)  What is your upcoming project?

I am finishing a draft on my first play, hoping to workshop it this fall.

10)  What excites/scares/inspires you most about the project?

Unforeseen questions

11)  What image or piece of music comes to mind when you think of the piece? 

Not sure yet…but I am planning on the location for the piece to be decided by the group involved

12.  What image or piece of music comes to mind when you think of the piece?

Somethin’ jazzy, bluesy, funky — somethin’ you gotta dance to 🙂