By Clare Duffy (Scotland) and Pierre Yves Lemieux (Québec)
Winter 2011 in Montreal, at Espace GO
Spring 2012, Scotland Tour
A co-production with Stellar Quines, Edinburgh  

Photo credit: Tristan Brand

Bold theatre.
— The Mirror
“The theatre world is globalizing. The ‘ANA Project’ is an international collaboration of stage artists who’ve gathered to examine women’s mental health, who desire to break down the linguistic barriers and offer a theatre experience that opens a door onto a veritable intercultural dialogue; a theatre without borders
— Serge Denoncourt, Director

About Ana

One life is not enough
Ana is cursed from birth, cursed with the gift of splitting, of becoming someone else, in a different time, in a different place. Ana lives through her own family tree of selves, starting from one little girl born 5000 years ago in Ur, the first city of the world, to an itinerant artist in 2012, living in the underground malls of Montreal. Ana’s curse may bring her joy and deliverance. In a moment of crisis, she splits and re-creates herself. When she is stable, Ana uses her vast life experience to great creative ends. She is inspired by her life to dance, to sing, to make love, to paint.

ANA is not the history of women, but the story of one woman through history. It is the story of a heroine who never chooses but lives with the consequences of all the lives she creates. Ana’s world is tragic, dangerous, chaotic, funny, tender and joyful. She is a mother and a murderer, a dancer and a prostitute, a woman and a goddess.

Cast: Catherine Bégin, Selina Boyack, Lisa Gardner, Alain Goulem, Dominique Leduc, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, Frances Thorburn

Creative team: Megan Baker (Costumes), Martin Bowman (Traduction), Louise Campeau (Set and Costumes), Gabriel Coutu-Dumont (Video), Serge Denoncourt (Director), Martin Labrecque (Lighting), Philip Pinsky (Sound)