Friday, December 20, 2019


Artista explores theatre performance and storytelling through experimentation and collaboration.

Artista is a place to be brave, safe and utterly yourself.
— Artista participant Banafsheh Hassani

ARTISTA is a free theatre program for young women for
young women* 16 to 21 years old who are interested in theatre. 

*Imago Theatre promotes an inclusive definition of woman which includes all people who experience the world as women; trans women, cis-women, people who identify as femme, who are feminine-of-centre, and feminine presenting people.

January 20th - May 14th, 2020
Monday Nights from 5:00 - 9:00pm

Georges-Vanier Cultural Centre
2450 rue Workman (Lionel-Groulx Metro)


Storytelling and theatre creation workshops
Outings to see professional theatre productions
Public performance of original creations

What to Expect
ARTISTA welcomes youth with and without theatre training.

If you don’t have theatre training, you can expect to use theatre tools to connect with other performers, gain physical and vocal confidence, and experiment with storytelling. You will learn to give and receive feedback on your work, and practice collaborating with others to present your work. 

If you have theatre training, you can expect to deepen your physical and vocal confidence, hone your ability to express your thoughts and ideas, broaden your capacity for collaboration, and learn new entry points into creating and performing original work. 

All participants will be pushed outside of their comfort zones. 

ARTISTA welcomes people of all linguistic backgrounds. Programming is operated in English, but all participants’ writing and creations can manifest in participants’ mother tongue.

Physical Access
ARTISTA is hosted by the Georges-Vanier Cultural Centre, a physically accessible community space. There is ramp to enter the building and elevators to mobilize inside the building.



In addition to submitting this application, we might be in touch with you to gather more information about you and your interest in ARTISTA. If this is the case, Joy will send you an email in early January to schedule a time. Please make sure that your email address is accurate and that you are checking it regularly during this time.

You will hear back from Joy on January 10th regarding your application.

A note on language:
If you feel more comfortable submitting this application in French, please do!

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Note: For these next two questions, you can answer in whatever medium interests you most. If you want to submit a video or photography, please email the ARTISTA program director at
Applying to ARTISTA
Imago Theatre's ARTISTA program values diversity and strongly encourages applications from differently abled individuals, neurodiverse individuals, visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. We encourage applicants who consider themselves part of these or other groups who experience marginalization to anonymously self‐identify in the section below.