Arianna Bardesono

Director & Theatre Maker

A native of Italy, Arianna has been part of the Montreal community since 2005.
She has directed for Repercussion Theatre (Macbeth), Teesri Duniya (Truth and
Treason, The Poster), Infinitheatre (Plucked, Hammered and Strung), Théâtre du
Quat’Sous (Possible Worlds, French version), Talisman (Me and You) and Geordie (The
Mountain, Little Witch).

Arianna has also independently created original work, committed to innovation both in
form and content (in absentia, Ties, and Adam’s Rib). She has worked with dancers,
choreographers, composers, and video artists, and is constantly searching for opportunities
to expand her inter-disciplinary collaborations.

Arianna is a graduate of the Directing Program at the National Theatre School of
Canada and has been awarded the John Hirsch Prize in 2013.

Les Voisines marks a step in a new direction in Arianna’s artistic practice. She is deeply
grateful to the wonderful team at Imago and to the Cole Foundation for helping to bring
this work to life.