Jed Tomlinson

co-Creator and performer

Jed Tomlinson is a Montreal based Clown, Director, Teacher, and Drummer. One half of the Screaming Goats Collective, he is also the Co-Founder of Sizzle and Spark Productions whose two shows, The Sama Kutra and Hushabye, have enjoyed over 90 performances across the country.  Other clown credits include: The Island (Hectik Theatre, The Lost and Lost Department and The Sleep Over (The Pie Factory collective) As a Director: Mme. Brulée and At Home with Giselle (EL Productions), Ashes (Sage Theatre’s Ignite Festival).

Jed began his training in Pochinko clown in 2010 at the Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance (MCCP), primarily under the tutelage of John Turner of Mump and Smoot.  Jed has toured both nationally and internationally in various capacities, and has taught clown for The University of New Mexico, The University of Regina, Bishop’s University, Dawson College, Tricklock Theatre, The Montreal Clown Festival, Imago Theatre, Momo Dance, and Dancing Sky Theatre as well as at the National Hispanic Cultural Centre in New Mexico. He has taught, and is an Artist in Residence, at the MCCP.