Bye Bye Baby

Written by Elyse Gasco, and translated by Maryse Warda
Fall 2004, at the Monument-National’s Studio Hydro-Québec
Spring 2006, at the Centaur Theatre
Spring 2008 (French translation), at the Monument-National’s Studio Hydro-Québec  

Photo credit: Tristan Brand

Bye Bye Baby, one of the finest pieces of theatre this season.
— The Montreal Mirror (2004)
It was one of the best and funniest new plays I’ve seen in nine years on this beat.
— The Montreal Mirror (2006)
Un agréable moment de théâtre qui risque de nourrir réflexions et conversations sur un sujet délicat.
— Le Devoir (2008)

About Bye Bye Baby

Bye Bye Baby is a dramatic comedy inspired by Elyse Gasco’s award-winning collection of short stories, Can You Wave Bye Bye, Baby? The story tracks the journey of a young woman, Elle, and her mission to uncover the truth about her birth mother. It is a quest for redemption and wholeness that swings her like a pendulum between a mysterious past and an uncertain future. In the midst of this, she struggles to make sense of her own life and identity, her complicated relationships with her adoptive mother and her own growing fetus.

The audience shares in the intimate realities of Elle’s early pregnancy, in her rage at the uncertainty that is her legacy, and in her frustrations as she butts up against the bureaucratic red-tape that provides the only route to her origins.

Cast (2004/2006): Alison Darcy, Margie Gillis, Anita La Selva, Leni Parker, France Rolland, Felicia Shulman; (2008) Nathalie Claude, Dominique Leduc, Martine-Marie Lalande, Mathilde Monnard, Felicia Shulman 

Creative Team (2004/2006):  Vincent Absi (ASM), Catherine Boivin (Assistant Set and Lighting), Catherine Bourgeois (Assistant Director), Luciana Burcheri (Stage Manager), Ana Cappelluto (Set and Lighting), Ève-line Leduc (Costumes), Isabelle Lussier (Sound and original music), Clare Schapiro (Director); (2008)  Luciana Burcheri (Stage Manager), Amy Keith (Costumes), Yannik Larivée (Set), David Perreault Ninacs (Lighting), Isabelle Lussier (Musique originale), Clare Schapiro (Director)