Champs De Mars: A Story of War

By Pierre-Michel Tremblay
Translated by Paula Wing
Winter 2010, at the Monument-National’s Studio Hydro-Québec

Photo credit: Tristan Brand


About Champ De Mars: A Story of War

Back from Kandahar, a young soldier is suffering from severe post-traumatic shock disorder, and is wrestling with survivor guilt. He seeks help from a psychiatrist, who attempts to ease his pain, while dealing with her own suffering: compassion fatigue syndrome. She seeks solace in her clarinet and signs up for klezmer music lessons. Her young, naive music teacher happens to be a pacifist working for a collective named War against War: he too is looking for peace in his own heart. A burned out action film director dreams of making another Apocalypse Now and looks for inspiration in our young soldier’s story. Au champ de Mars is a satirical comedy about personal battles and survival, connection and reality, and about the search for meaning in a confused and confusing world.

For the past decade the ‘war against terror’ has occupied our thoughts, besieged our media and invaded dinner conversations around the world. Penned by celebrated Québécois comedic writer Pierre-Michel Tremblay, the play invites us to reflect upon the solemn theme of war with humour, intelligence and humanity. Our present society is indeed a training ground for battle – a champ de mars – where personal ideas, convictions and needs collide, where conflict rules our behaviour and relationships. Champ de Mars: A Story of War allows for a deeper reflection on humanity’s great paradox: our propensity for conflict and our need for peace.

Cast: Bill Croft, Alain Goulem, William Greenblatt, Leni Parker, Andrew Shaver 

Creative Team: Peter Cerone (Sound), Micheline Chevrier (Director), Kira Maros (Stage Manager), Jack Paterson (Assistant Director), Eo Sharp (Set and Costumes), Martin Sirois (Lighting), Jocelyn Townsend (Assistant Stage Manager), Katrin Whitehead (Assistant Designer)