Blog Post by Cristina Cugliandro, May 6th, 2019

This is an entry as a part of Imago Theatre’s Daring Feminist Artistic Practice blog series.

I believe there are many important aspects that accompany building a daring feminist practice. One of the highest on that list for me is the development of a consciousness. We must constantly question what we see, how we see it, what we hear and how we and others mutually and differently experience our world.

This can be quite exhausting. It might not be as heavy a weight if more people were more committed to understanding their perceptions. The load would then be a bit more balanced. But I believe that it is also our role and duty as artists to experience things around us sensorially, to feel deeply, and to then create through that lens.

When Sarah Kane was accused of writing for shock value, she responded by saying that shock wasn’t the focus, she simply wrote about the world she saw around her.

For this blog entry I decided to return to an art that I love and miss dearly, collage. I feel as though this is another form that showcases the chaos of life in all its dangerous splendor. Sometimes a collage can say it all.

We must keep seeing, listening and creating, in every shape, and power to all practitioners who are continuously searching for truth and a better mutual world.