Valuing education and community 


Creating community is at the heart of Imago Theatre`s mandate. As a company that produces socially relevant and political work, having a relationship with teachers and students is of great importance to us. Through our programs such as Artista, a youth mentorship program connecting young women to mentors through theatre practices, and our Pay-What-You-Decide policy for our main stage shows, we at Imago are dedicated to get the art out and invite the conversations in. The staff at Imago Theatre is made up of theatre practitioners. We are performers, directors, writers, visual artists, and educators. Creating active partnerships with schools is one of our priorities. We stand by the belief that theatre should be part of the education system in order to inspire dialogue about the changing nature of our times through the portal of art.

Partnering with Imago Theatre 

How can we make this easy for you?
We know how hard you work therefore we want to help with the load. Depending on the needs of your classroom, we present a variety of options to facilitate this partnership.

In-class encounters with Imago Artists
We are open and eager to take part in discussions with teachers and students on a variety of areas of interest.

The Art How to approach story, performance, direction, and design.
The Industry A discussion on the essentials needed in the industry; from how to approach an audition to what it takes to producing a show.
The Project Based on an upcoming Imago show; why this story was chosen, what are the themes, and the process of bringing this story to life.
Support Materials A comprehensive portfolio complete with research materials – links, articles, books, and images – used by the creative team as key resources for the production, as well a visit from Imago`s Artistic Director, Micheline Chevrier, accompanied by the artists involved in the project (content of the discussion to be determined in consultation with the educator).

Upcoming Production 

Created by Arianna Bardesono
Dramaturgy by Shauna Janssen
Sound Design by Pierre-Luc Brunet


Les Voisines is an urban audio walk through the Mile End that explores the distance a woman feels between herself and the Hasidic women in her neighbourhood. Born out of a deep curiosity to understand, Les Voisines aims at connection by exploring humans’ relationship to space, culture, and each other.



Tickets are 15$ and can only be bought online. 
Pay-What-You-Decide are also available online. 


For more information please get in touch with Cristina at or call at 514-274-3222





May / June  

Times to be announced


An audio-walk through the Mile-End

Place to be announced