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Hello my name is Sophie Gee and I’m the new Artistic and Administrative Assistant at Imago Theatre.

I am a director of mostly new creations which I present under the company name/pseudonym Nervous Hunter. My interest is in reimaginings of classic texts (one theatre practitioner, upon seeing my take on Phaedra, exclaimed, “How the Fuck is that Phaedra?”, a comment that I must admit made me happy), the collision of disciplines, and work that crosses into performance/contemporary art. I create work to address the questions that come up in my life (how do I reconcile my privileged life built on environmental damage with my values? how do I deal with deep shame? what is home? am I successful? why am I fascinated with Ultra Rich Asians?) and as performances they take on the form that best explores the subject matter. My creations have spanned from immersive experiences to work that sits more comfortably in a performance context. Whatever form they take, I am interested in how stories filter through us. I work collaboratively on my creations, improvising text and movement, using my body as a barometer. Since my graduation from the directing programme at NTS, I have been working with a number of contemporary dancers as I researched ways to render words into flesh.

I feel at times that I don’t belong to either community, neither theatre nor dance. I consider myself a theatre artist because of my love of stories. Speech and the spoken word are ever present in my work. And although I do not  consider myself a playwright, I write because I haven’t always found work that says what I want to say and how I want to say it.

The Phaedra Project

The Phaedra Project


Recently my good friend sent me a link to these Freelance achievement stickers, published by the New Yorker. Independent artists are often working alone, grant writing, hustling and doing the onerous paperwork it requires to get those precious hours of studio time  in with our collaborators in order make our work. It’s a lonely life. I’m happy to step out of this regular isolation and join Imago’s amazing team of women. I love the ethos of the company and having lived in the UK where tickets were far more affordable, I believe strongly in Imago’s Pay What You Decide mandate as a way to make theatre accessible. There’s really no excuse not to see the shows. And the work Imago puts on should be seen as a catalyst for further discussion.

I love to talk about theatre, but I also love to talk about contemporary art, dance, performance, permaculture and ecology. In my personal life I’m pursuing a plastic-free/zero waste life and I think a lot about how this affects my artistic practice, especially considering I recently directed Pluck’d, a show that used a large amount of plastic wrap. Perhaps it’s time I finally read Guy Cool’s book on the subject. Feel free to say hi anytime and start a conversation with me about any of the above. I’m at

Looking forward to my journey with Imago for the next seven months!