I Started ARTISTA When I Began Cégep and Now I'm Heading to University!

This post is part of a series of reflections about Imago Theatre’s Youth Mentorship Program, ARTISTA, by program mentors and mentees.   Here Tiernan Cornford (ARTISTA 2014 Participant) reflects on her experience.

I was a part of the 2014 Artista family where I had the privilege to take part in the great opportunities Artista offers and get to know its phenomenal women.I graduated from Marianopolis College this year! I'm proud to say that during the year I got involved in many activities such as a recent production of “Much Ado about Nothing” as “Don Petra”, becoming a member of “Singers for a Cause” as well as a member of their “Free the Children” club. From these highlights I learned that to put yourself out there takes courage, but often leads to adventure and great people. As I’ve graduated from Marianopolis I’m now heading off to university to study performance creation. I want to learn how to better manage my time. There are many new things I want to try in university; I want to make sure I have the chance to do it all.Most recently, I went to Toronto (from May to August) to study on-camera acting at Armstrong Acting Studios! It's been something I've wanted to do for a long time so I was very excited. While studying I was also worked at a restaurant (Harp & Wylie's has great food). It was a new experience as I had never been away from home for so long. What I took away from it most was to never assume anything. A good example is that I assumed that TV and Theatre acting would be one and the same; I quickly learned that they are NOT. Whoops. One thing I picked up during my time in Toronto is I'm still learning how to listen. In acting and my own life, I often think about myself and how I come across to others but I was enlightened on how listening can really engage you into the present and better connect with those around you.I started Artista when I began Cégep and now I'm heading to university! It’s odd to condense the past two years into short anecdotes. It doesn't seem like a long time at a glance but looking back I realized that I've learned a lot. I've been slowly learning how to take time for myself. I often work for future payoff or to please someone else, but it's good to take a break for myself. I want to learn how to cartwheel. I've never been able to before.I can't wait to hear what you beautiful people will be creating in the future. Your stories will always be of interest to me.

Tiernan Cornford - ARTISTA 2014