In the training room with Kyungseo Min


Kyungseo Min invited us in the room to witness her weekly Butoh training. She then shared her thoughts on the “indescribable theatre form”. Watch Kyungseo’s two-minute plug for her Butoh workshop!

All funds raised through the Atelier workshops go to support ARTISTA, Imago’s free arts mentorship programme for young women.

She also answered five questions about her practice.

1) Please describe Butoh in three words.
Control. Freedom. Antimatter.

2) What’s a question you are currently working through in your practice?
When words fail, there’s movement. But when movement fails, what is left?

3) Please share an important learning moment in your artistic development.
Losing balance is not a weakness. It is a sign that your body is being pushed to grow. It is the most riveting moment of a performance–it is the purest movement and it captures all eyes in the room.

4) Who would you love to be able to train with/learn from?
I would love to train intensively with Oguri at Lightning Shadow. He first introduced me to this wonderful world of movement and in all my years of watching actors and dancers, have never met anyone who could quite move like him. Or with the Wakayagi school in Kyoto.

5) what do you do when you feel stuck?
Practice practice practice, until you feel you are even more stuck. Go away for a day. Return. Your efforts and your body never lie.

Want to learn how to tell a story with your whole body, not just your face and voice? Kyungseo’s workshop takes places over two parts: September 23 and October 1st both from 10am-2pm. Register here.

Workshops are $75 and all participants receive a $50 tax receipt. Imago also has payment plans available. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a payment plan.