Pure Movement with Rebecca Harper


As the National Theatre School’s Head of Movement, Rebecca Harper is instrumental in training the next generation of Canada’s theatre community. She shares her knowledge in her Pure Movement workshop for Atelier. We asked Rebecca a few quick questions about her practice.

1) What draws you to movement work?
I am absolutely drawn to many different disciplines of movement work. What draws me to Pure Movement in particular is that it offers and demands exploration and specificity in equal measure.

2) Please describe an important learning moment in your artistic development.
I have been very fortunate to have had many learning moments in my artistic development. One moment, in particular, was when I was studying at Guildhall for my MA and I had a profound realization of the importance of spirals in the Pure Movement training. It was like the clouds parted and the sun came out…There was sudden clarity in where and why movement training is so significant for the actor. Spirals!

3) When you experience an artistic block, what helps you out of it?
Pure movement is a practice that demands repetition, rigour and imagination. So, as a teacher, the only way to get through any blocks is to keep doing the work.
Keep working because even a block is an offer.
As a movement coach/director, if there is a block, I always go back to the text.

4) Who would you love to work with?
In an ideal world, I would continue to train with the many mentors that I have had. But, I would have loved to have met and watched Litz Pisk work as a teacher and movement director.

Want to know more about spirals and how it can enliven your presence as an actor? Rebecca’s Pure Movement workshop takes place over two days: Saturday September 23rd and Sunday October 1st both from 2:30pm-6:30pm.

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