Warona Setshwaelo, Deena Aziz, Laura Condlin in  Intractable Woman , 2017 - Photo: Tristan Brand

Warona Setshwaelo, Deena Aziz, Laura Condlin in Intractable Woman, 2017 - Photo: Tristan Brand



Claudia Torregrosa, President
Talent Acquisition Manager at TrackTik

Why Theatre? “Theatre is a medium to uplift unheard voices. Theatre-makers work together to select stories. They devise the best ways to tell these stories to share their very own understanding. They trigger questioning and create a vision of what could come next.”

Katherine Frohlich, Vice-President
Myriagone Chaire McConnell-UdM en Mobilisation des Connaissance Jeunesse &
Professor at the École de Santé Publique de l,Université de Montréal (ESPUM)

Élodie Le Grand, Secretary
Social Responsibility Consultant

Why Theatre? “I consider theatre an interesting means to raise social issues and engage the community in discussions about social justice and social change.”

Montserrat Cortez Ghio, Tresurer
Senior Consultant at Cyber Risques

Micheline Chevrier, Member
Artistic and Executive Director at Imago Theatre, Director

Why Theatre? “I love theatre because it is like life: ephemeral. No two days are the same, no two performances are the same. It lives in the now, it is immediate and intimate, making every moment unique.”

Andrew Katz, Member
Teacher at Dawson College

Why Theatre? “I see more, hear more in my everyday life because of the theatre, because the theatre has helped me to look, to listen”

Andrée Lalumière, Member
Visual Artist

Why Theatre? “I did not choose to become part of a theatre organization. Imago chose me. I was asked to help, so I did and l believe I can still contribute to the cause.”

Jessica Chen, Administrator
Founder/City Planner at Wabi-Sabi Planning Laboratories

Dean Patrick Fleming, Member
Director, Actor and Artistic Director at Hudson Village Theatre

Valerie Lafond, Administrator
Lawyer and Advocate

Anaïs Le-Juez, Administrator
Consultant, National Bank of Canada

Maude Levasseur, Administrator
Director of Arts Engagement at the National Theatre School of Canada

Why Theatre? “In theatre we can sit with an ephemeral community, breathe the same air, synchronize our heartbeats (it's proven, it seems) and share an art experience and/or a social experiment with pure strangers. Theatre and performing arts, act on the audience in a real physical and tangible way to foster empathy and help us navigate the complexity of the world we live in.”

Clare Schapiro, Member
Past Artistic Director at Singapore Creations Etc; Past Artistic Director of Imago Theatre

Why Theatre? “Because theatre can nourish the soul, challenge the intellect and stimulate the imagination. It is a live, powerful podium that can expose humanity’s horror, masterfully enrich the senses, and give a much-needed voice to the silenced.”

Corinne Roche, Advisory Committee
Theatre Production Manager at Moyse Hall, McGill University

Why Theatre? “Theatre is my passion and my calling. Nothing more magical than the relationship between a performance and the audience.”

Viviane Dohle, Advisory Committee
Production Director at the Festival TransAmériques

Peter Roberts, Advisory Committee
Producer (retired)

Why Theatre? “Compared to its tiny carbon residue, theatre powers the internal and social combustion of global imagination.”