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CelebrateHer , 2018 - Photo: Imago Theatre

CelebrateHer, 2018 - Photo: Imago Theatre



Imago Theatre hosts talkbacks after every performance to reach out and engage with increasingly new communities in Montreal. An invited guest speaker joins the cast and director at Imago Theatre’s talkbacks to bring their expertise and new perspectives, while galvanizing meaningful discourse and exchange with Imago audiences. Over the years our guest speakers have been instrumental in continuing the conversation around important subject matters and themes put forward in Imago’s events, readings, and productions.


our long tables

Imago’s Long Table is a public engagement conversation on a certain chosen topic and is a way to engage with Montreal communities. The Long Table was developed by artist Lois Weaver.

Her Side of the Story: A Female Perspective On Stage

The Long Table was a part of Imago Theatre’s Her Side of the Story: A Female Perspective On Stage festival, which explored the feminine perspective on stage. View the Her Side of the Story zine in which female theatre practitioners from across the country responded to why there is a need for a feminine perspective on stage.

Her Side of the Story: Revision to Resist

For Her Side of the Story: Revision to Resist festival, the Long Table focused on the need for a political revisioning of known narratives. View the zine here.

Brave Creative Spaces

We held a Long Table discussion advocating for safer creative theatre workspaces that focused on forward-thinking solutions and community activism. The Long Table discussion created the foundation for the creation of a community-driven pledge with concrete vocabulary, resources and values advocating for safer theatre workspaces. The pledge was available to Montreal theatre artists and companies in September, 2018. Learn more about Brave Creative Spaces here.


artistic & community partnerships

We host a community-oriented event or activity every year in the Spring or concurrently with our programming.
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