Group of 5

What is Group of  5?

Group of 5 is a collective of 5 professional independent English-language theatre companies seeking to share a creative and administrative space to establish a sustainable arts ecosystem. The Group of 5 aims provide its members with a permanent and viable infrastructure-a physical space-where members can share resources, create and build community.

Who is in the Group of 5?

The five dynamic theatre companies in the Group of 5 are:
Imago Theatre
Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal
Geordie Theatre
Talisman Theatre
Repercussion Theatre

What guides the Group of 5?

The vision for Group of 5 is to sustain the development and presence of professional English-language theatre in the Quebec and Montreal arts landscape. The collective would galvanize exchange and the sharing of resources for its members- both past and present-with an aim to strengthen the English-language minority community and expand upon the scope, inclusivity and vibrancy of Quebecois theatre.

We believe a shared space and the resulting collective ecosystem will expand the boundaries of theatrical creation.

The Group of 5 is guided by the following five principles:

1. BEING LEADERS in the community
2. BUILDING a collective infrastructure
3. SECURING a foundation for English-language theatre in Montreal
4. PROMOTING exchange and cooperation between artists
5. EXPERIMENTING with new technologies