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Elsewhere is a one-person show that uses mask and storytelling to reveal the thoughts, tribulations and fears of six people who are doing their best to adapt to Venezuela’s quickly deteriorating political and economic climate. The six characters directly address the audience, bringing the public into their world and offering a human lens on Venezuela’s crisis which, like so many others, feels far away.

In Elsewhere a Grandmother remembers easier times as she waits in line for food, a Beauty Queen considers sterilization, a Cop questions his allegiance with the Venezuelan government, a Homeless Man begs God for food, a Teenager joins the fight for freedom, and a North American looks on from afar wondering what she can do to help.

Venezuela is a country in decline with a facade of socialism which every day moves more deeply towards dictatorship. The population struggles to find food and medical supplies as children become malnourished and infants die. What’s more, the country’s leadership refuses to admit, amidst continued international sanctions, that this is a humanitarian crisis. It is very difficult for Venezuelans to leave the country and those who speak out against the government have been abducted, tortured and also, in many circumstances, killed.

In partnership with Odd Stumble Theatre.

Photo: Joy Ross-Jones in Elsewhere, photographer Nasuna Stuart-Ulin.


Persephone Bound

A modern treatment of the Ancient Greek myth of the rape of Persephone, Persephone Bound confronts the complexity of sexual aggressive acts and lays bare the failures of today’s justice system in cases of sexual assault.

A freshman in college, Persephone goes to a frosh party and, after one too many drinks, finds herself in a room alone with one of the school’s popular, older students, Haden. Behind closed doors, and in an intoxicated state, she is raped. Trapped in her shame and the nightmares of that night, Persephone decides to confront her assailant in court, only to realize that it is she who is on trial, not her assailant.

Persephone Bound aims to challenge the audience’s perspective regarding consent, and shine a light on the challenges a victim of assault faces when considering coming forward with an accusation. The piece also deals with the realities, myths, and resources available to anyone who may find themselves in situations of sexual assault. Our objective is to empower the audience with the tools necessary to protect themselves and others.

This project challenges traditional theatrical narratives by combining text, dance, aerial circus technique and live music, to ultimately create a physical and verbal piece of poetic theatre.

In partnership with Screaming Goats Collective.

Photo: Léda Davies in Persephone Bound, photographer Louis-Charles Dumais.



random finds laughs in cultural stereotypes and moves us to tears in the right way at the right times as one solo female performer embodies four different characters; a sister, a mother, a brother, a father.

Between the hours of breakfast and lunch, a random act of violence changes everything for one suburban family. Using dub poetry and spoken word, this tale of love and loss crosses cultural lines and is universally powerful. random is a hard-hitting piece that addresses the wreckage of arbitrary violence targeted at youth in black communities. The play artfully examines power dynamics as innocent and mundane lives are overturned by chaos and confusion.

In 2008, the London media was inundated with stories of innocent black teenagers who were randomly killed by accidentally straying into other people’s wars. debbie tucker green put pen to paper and humanized these stories into one moving portrayal of a family touched by such a tragedy.

Part of The Royal Court`s touring season in 2010, random also won a BAFTA in 2012 for Single Drama.

Original production in partnership with Black Theatre Workshop.

Photo: Lucinda Davies in random, photographer Tristan Brand.

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