Imago Theatre is a catalyst for conversation,
an advocate for equal representation
and a hub for stories about unstoppable women.


We are arms open, heads flung back, spinning catalysts.

We are kaleidoscopic words that ripple and tear down walls.

We are daring feminists, creators and mentors.

And we won’t stop






 We advance Her Side of the Story through theatre that advocates for equal participation and representation for women and marginalized groups. We advance equality and social justice through post-show talkbacks that encourage meaningful conversation and exchange.

We develop Her Side of the Story through ARTISTA, our free theatre arts mentorship program for young women, and also by providing mentorship opportunities and artistic residencies for emerging and established theatre artists from a variety of disciplines (acting, playwriting, directing, artistic direction, and arts administration).

We democratize access to Her Side of the Story through our Pay-What-You-Decide initiative and by ensuring that all our events take place in spaces that are physically accessible to all.

We tell Her Side of The Story through theatre about unstoppable women with urgent stories that challenge and galvanize audiences.