erin lindsay

associate artist

Erin Lindsay is a writer, creator and performer who is interested in theatre’s potential for connection and social change through compassion, empathy and creative/surrealist disruption of the status quo. She has written and co-produced two plays, Monster Games (New Teeth Productions) and The Hysteria Triptych (Odd Stumble) and was proud to facilitate a play on sexual health with the McGill Faculty of Medicine. 

As a performer she has been involved in Archipelago (Odd Stumble), a project with Arsenal Gallery in connection with choreographer Andrea Pena and Artists, A Change in the Weather (String and Pearl Productions), Enough Already (Alien Gaze) and The Binaries Between Us (Studio Porte Bleue).

Erin’s academic background is in Theatre and Ethics (University of Toronto & University of Ottawa) and Communications (Concordia University). She has worked for 5 years as an arts administrator for various arts organizations across Montreal. Erin is currently working on a contemporary apocalyptic adaptation of of Lysistrata that explores women and power dynamics, social control of sexuality, and the role of fear in decision-making. She recently completed a residency in Banff with Andrea Pena and as a vocalist and creator and is currently enrolled in an M.F.A in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia.

At Imago Erin is responsible for communications -overseeing web, blog, social media, copywriting and marketing strategy.