Help Imago Theatre Support the Next Generation of Women Artists
Our Goal is to raise $6000 by February 28, 2019

ARTISTA is a FREE theatre arts mentorship program for women who are interested in creating, collaborating and learning through theatre. ARTISTA is a safe environment to explore personal, artistic and creative development. Learn more about ARTISTA here. 

By donating, you are making it possible for Imago Theatre to

Offer free theatre arts mentorship to young women interested in creating, collaborating and learning through theatre.

AND Build a safe environment for these young women to explore their own personal, artistic and creative development.

Erin Lindsay, Micheline Chevrier, Eda Holmes, Noah Drew, Amy Keith, Allen MacInnis, Violet Uchiyama-Frye, MC Janssen, Deena Aziz, Robert Owen, Rebecca Dyck, Jen Cressey, Doreen Tang, James Lindsay, Susan Lindsay, William McLeod, Peter Crooks, Laurie MacGregor, Stephane Boutros, Robert Thomson, Emmy & Rick Hausman, Alexis Diamond, Danielle Skene, Sharon Ross-Jones, Michael Payette, Anna Ciccotosto, Meghan Lindsay, Naomi Takeda, Marie-Claire Skrutkowska, Joel Gorrie, Cristina Cugliandro, Arthur Holden, Marcel Jeannin, Joy Ross-Jones, Carolyn Guillet, Nora Zarkandi, Ned Cox, Carolyn Roche, Rebecca Dyck, Erin Lindsay, Michael Dyck, Jennifer Ross-Jones, Anana Rydvald, seeley quest, Holly Gauthier-Frankel, Chloe Bilodeau, Michel Tousignant, Rob Langford, Emma Tibaldo, Jennifer Quinn,  Judy Atlas, Krista Jackson, Anna Ciccotosto, Peter Deslauriers, Adriana Palanca, Colleen Murphy, Daniel Hickie, Anna Bushell, Lucinda Davis, Jesse Ross-Jones, Mary Deslauriers, Kathryn Linder, Kathryn Westoll, Carolyn Guillet, Anne Holzinger, Samantha Bitoni, Kathleen Stavert, Wiliiam Ward, Amelle Margaron, Viviane Dohle, Amir Sám Nakhjavani, Alexandra Maynard, Stephanie Breton, Christiane Léveillée, Donna Byrne, Violet Kay, Karine Kerr-Gillespie, Nate Hausman

“I would say ARTISTA  is great not only for women who are interested in theatre but also a place where community is built, incredible friendships are made, and a place where you can learn to become more comfortable with who you are.”

-Maria Jimenez, ARTISTA 17/18