Help Imago Theatre Support the Next Generation of Women Artists
Our Goal is to raise $6000 by February 28, 2019
ARTISTA is a FREE theatre arts mentorship program for women who are interested in creating, collaborating and learning through theatre. ARTISTA is a safe environment to explore personal, artistic and creative development. Learn more about ARTISTA here.  By donating, you are making it possible for Imago Theatre to – Offer free theatre arts mentorship to young women interested in creating, collaborating and learning through theatre. AND Build a safe environment for these young women to explore their own personal, artistic and creative development.

Erin Lindsay, Micheline Chevrier, Eda Holmes, Noah Drew, Amy Keith, Allen MacInnis, Violet Uchiyama-Frye, MC Janssen, Deena Aziz, Robert Owen, Rebecca Dyck, Jen Cressey, Doreen Tang, James Lindsay, Susan Lindsay, William McLeod, Peter Crooks, Laurie MacGregor, Stephane Boutros, Robert Thomson, Emmy & Rick Hausman, Alexis Diamond, Danielle Skene, Sharon Ross-Jones, Michael Payette, Anna Ciccotosto, Meghan Lindsay, Naomi Takeda, Marie-Claire Skrutkowska, Joel Gorrie, Cristina Cugliandro, Arthur Holden, Marcel Jeannin, Joy Ross-Jones, Carolyn Guillet, Nora Zarkandi, Ned Cox, Carolyn Roche, Rebecca Dyck, Erin Lindsay, Michael Dyck, Jennifer Ross-Jones, Anana Rydvald, seeley quest, Holly Gauthier-Frankel, Chloe Bilodeau, Michel Tousignant, Rob Langford, Emma Tibaldo, Jennifer Quinn,  Judy Atlas, Krista Jackson,  Anna Ciccotosto, Peter Deslauriers, Adriana Palanca, Colleen Murphy, Daniel Hickie, Anna Bushell, Lucinda Davis, Jesse Ross-Jones, Caroline Stevens

“I would say ARTISTA  is great not only for women who are interested in theatre but also a place where community is built, incredible friendships are made, and a place where you can learn to become more comfortable with who you are.”

-Maria Jimenez, ARTISTA 17/18