Her Side of the Story:feminine perspective on stage

A Conversation About the Female Perspective On Stage

Directed by Andrea Donaldson
Spring 2016, in partnership with and at the National Theatre School of Canada
Curated by Cristina Cugliandro, with Maureen Labonté and Micheline Chevrier

Photo credit: Imago Theatre


About Her Side of the Story

Her Side of the Story is an encounter bringing together theatre artists to celebrate and discuss the female perspective on stage. The event is meant to showcase new work by Canada’s female artists and to provide a platform for theatre makers from diverse backgrounds to come together to talk about the representation of female voices in theatre.  Featuring a Key Note speaker (Mary Vingoe), public readings followed by talkbacks (moderated by Maureen Labonté), a Long Table discussion, and a cabaret of new works, this encounter is an opportunity to share, question, learn, and reflect.

Read Mary Vingoe’s key note speech here.


Beautiful Man

by Erin Shields
Directed by Andrea Donaldsom

This play began with a simple proposal: What if the roles were reversed? What if the women were sophisticated characters, and the men, objectified? Beautiful Man is a cheeky, vicious, sexy evisceration of the narratives we find ourselves consuming alone in the dark, a visceral interrogation of sex, gender and violence against women in popular film and television.

Cast: Lucinda Davis, Brett Donahue, Emelia Hellman, Julie Tamiko Manning

The Baklawa Recipe

by Pascale Rafie and translated by Melissa Bull
Directed by Emma Tibaldo
In partnership with Playwrights Workshop Montreal

The Baklawa Recipe is about stories handed down from generations like recipes, like rituals. It is about grit, and about bearing up against unimaginable odds. And it is full of the sweetness of the dessert for which it is named. It is an important play to produce in our current political climate in Quebec. And it’s essential in its own right, for its own sake, for its complex female characters, for its rich and stirring beauty, for its nuanced and tender humour.

Cast: Anne-Marie Saheb, Gitanjali Jain, Mireille Tawfik, Natalie Tannous

Translation developed with PWM and the Cole Translation Competition for Emerging Translators

Cabaret of New Works

The encounter features an evening of works-in-progress by emerging and established Montreal playwrights: Deena Aziz, Leslie Baker, Marie Barlizo, Rhiannon Collett, Corrina Hodgson, Tina Milo and Ann Lambert.

Her Side of the Story Zine

Illustrated by Jordan Wieber, and edited by Cristina Cugliandro.

The Zine is a collection of reflections on the feminine perspective on our stages, penned by women theatre makers from across Canada. See the Zine here