This post is part of a series for our Her Side of the Story encounter, May 13-14 2016 located at the National Theatre School of Canada. We invited theatre artists from across Canada to reflect on how their work in theatre is influenced by their perspective as women. Are they conscious of promoting a “feminine perspective” or is it something that is intuitive? Imago Theatre would like to thank all of the artists who responded to our questions for their thoughtful, insightful responses. We will be sharing these responses on our blog for the first two weeks of May. We will also be creating a publication of selected quotes, which will be available for free at the Her Side of the Story readings, long-table discussion, and cabaret.

Judith Bowden


Difficult question in that I would like to think the work that I engage in and the collaborations that excite me specifically call into question the idea of a single perspective. Check out trusted real money internet casino Maple Leaf – win real big money! My great hope is that the work I am part of in the realm of live performance works towards bringing an awareness that many of the social and cultural forces in our lives are casually constructed over time and we need understanding and knowledge of their affect and influence. I want us to question social, economic, political forces on our spirit, development and relationships. I think story telling in live performance can explore with an audience these ideas with powerful personal effect, when we are good at it.

So, what does the female perspective mean to me. I do identify as female in my world, what that exactly means I don’t seem to have a clear answer, many questions. If I look at women as a generalized group ( which they are not) over history and in our current society in Canada I am acutely aware of the relative ease with which I have been able to develop as my own person. There is no one female perspective and I don’t think, for me, it is exclusive to women. The female perspective as a point of view, experiences of our world as seen through the lives, voice , ideas of women gives an awareness of the inequalities of many who’s stories do not get told, whose perspectives are not given value in our world. How do I actively operate towards a feminine perspective. As a designer I am often researching social and historical events and ideas as I often work on plays written in the early part of the 20th century. I do actively search out female voices from a period as historically in our world their work is not at the forefront of documents of the time. There is no escaping the need to acknowledge that there is a history of male dominated decision making that has influenced the development of our society’s current views and organization. I think an awareness of this construct is a step towards understanding and questioning the way in which we now live our lives and our role in how our relationships to each other and our larger society shape us.

Visually, if I think about it, I am interested in contrast in the creation of the physical and visual vocabulary of the world of a story. This does not necessarily mean conflict but it does mean tension. My hope is that it enhances an awareness of the influence of the forces on characters and their relationships. These can be the forces of all elements of our daily existence, personal,
political, economic and social for example. I also think that I can’t escape an acute interest in exploring my theatre art through a textile medium. This is a medium whose influence and acceptance as a legitimate art form has been dismissed throughout history because of a link to the work of women and yet it is a great source historically of how lives have been lived and has great cultural,social and economic influence. It is also supremely tactile,visceral and kinetic. As a medium used on the stage I think it can have great resonance with an audience and provide flexible intense