This post is part of a series for our Her Side of the Story encounter, May 13-14 2016 located at the National Theatre School of Canada. We invited theatre artists from across Canada to reflect on how their work in theatre is influenced by their perspective as women. Are they conscious of promoting a “feminine perspective” or is it something that is intuitive? Imago Theatre would like to thank all of the artists who responded to our questions for their thoughtful, insightful responses. We will be sharing these responses on our blog for the first two weeks of May. We will also be creating a publication of selected quotes, which will be available for free at the Her Side of the Story readings, long-table discussion, and cabaret.


Leah Cherniak

Last night I couldn’t sleep… wondering how to  express a life in the theatre that wasn’t established from a stated feminist perspective or platform, but in my mind has always been absolutely rooted in my being a female artist, thinker and explorer, humanist and feminist.

The primary commitment  of  our company, Theatre Columbus, (1984- 2011, now Common Boots Theatre) was to a collaborative creation based theatre under the artistic leadership of two women.  We loved searching out the extraordinary in the ordinary and the seriousness in comedy. We loved funny people, physical business and we had an attraction to the melancholic. Our style was unique and we made a distinct imprint on the Canadian theatre scene.

I am grateful for theatre companies and artists who have a bold and genuine mandate and commitment to feminism, who seek out content and form that reflects the struggles and concerns of women. As a creator, director and a teacher I am quite confident that my artistic voice is a female one and is strong and true.   But I’ve never been easy with describing my work as feminist.

I hope I sleep tonight!