An artist-driven company, Imago’s Team is comprised of an Artistic & Executive Director who is an award-winning director and 4 Associate Artists with varied backgrounds in direction, creation, curation, writing, music, and performance. Associate Artists contribute to artistic conversation, activities, content, and programming. They work on grants, share insights and knowledge, and are engaged in exchanging skills and ideas on practice to contribute to and strengthen the welfare, values, and impact of Imago Theatre.  Each year, our team also features a dynamic Artistic and Administrative Assistant who is also an artist.

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Micheline Chevrier

Artistic & Executive Director micheline@imagotheatre.ca

Cristina Cugliandro

Associate Artist 
For schools, organization & community partnerships & touring contact cristina@imagotheatre.ca

Erin Lindsay

Associate Artist 
For communications and media/ job, internship & volunteer opportunities erin@imagotheatre.ca

Joy Ross-Jones

Associate Artist
For any ARTISTA youth mentorship program inquiries contact Program Director joy@imagotheatre.ca

Marissa Blair

Artistic and Administrative Assistant

Our Collaborators

We have two designers that we collaborate with
to help us reach to our community.

Sarah Gonzales is our illustrator and graphic designer. Check out her website here.

Andrew Andreoli is our videographer.