Les Voisines

Les Voisines

May 24th – June 2nd, 2019

An audio walk through Mile End and Outremont 

Towards an understanding…

Les voisines, created by Arianna Bardesono, is an urban audio walk through Outremont and the Mile End that explores the distance a woman feels between herself and Hasidic women living in the city she calls home. Born out of a deep curiosity to understand, Les voisines aims at connection by exploring humans’ relationship to space, difference, culture and each other.




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Arianna Bardesono

Director & Theatre Maker

Shauna Janssen

Pierre-Luc Brunet
Sound Designer

Trigger Warnings

Here at Imago, we believe strongly in the audience member’s experience and the opportunity to be moved, transformed, and surprised by the stories they see on stage. To that end, when publicizing our works, we want to avoid giving away the plot points and twists that may provide those very experiences. That said, we are sensitive to the fact that there are some themes and events that may cause particular distress to some of our audience members. If there are certain topics, production elements such as lighting techniques, or allergies that you are aware may cause you distress or compromise your health  and you’d like to speak to an Imago Theatre team member to find out more about a show before you book, you can call the Office at 514-274-3222 or email us at info@imagotheatre.ca.

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