Life Here After

By Alexandria Haber
Winter 2013, Staged Reading at the Centaur Theatre’s Wild Side Festival


“Life Here After is loosely inspired by Karla Holmolka’s release from prison and subsequent almost “fairy-tale-happily-ever-after” life: marriage, a family and a house in the Caribbean. When she was released, I read an article wherein the lawyer of the victims’ parents pointed out how Karla now had everything they had ever wanted for their own daughters, had precisely everything these girls would never have, everything Karla took away from them. I started wondering, what would be the first step someone in their shoes could take in order to carry on living? How did they begin their ‘life hereafter’?”- Playwright Alex Haber

Playwright Alexandria Haber has made a brave choice in tackling such heavy material, and does a beautiful job of exploring the aftermath of horrific events long after the immediate circumstances
— Bloody Underrated
The writing and direction have many uplifting moments and successfully deal with a delicate subject matter.
— The Rover

About Life Here After

Life Here After is a compelling work about morality and justice, loss and redemption and ultimately, about the truth: hiding it, discovering it, confronting it, and living with it. The protagonist is a naïve, feisty and humorous 17-year-old girl who sets out on a secret and dangerous search to uncover the truth about her sister’s murder and dark past, setting in motion a spiral of events with far-reaching effect.

Cast: Chip Chuipka, Lucinda Davis, Alain Goulem, Leni Parker, Amelia Sargisson, Clare Schapiro 

Creative Team: Ana Cappelluto (Set), Micheline Chevrier (Director), Kira Maros (Stage Manager), Rob Thomson (Lighting), Emma Tibaldo (Dramaturge)