Associate program director for artista

Lorena is a set and costume designer. She graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada in 2015. She has since been working in Montreal designing costumes for la Roullotte directed by Isabelle Leblanc, El buen vestir and Khatomique by Productions Ondinnok, and Minuit directed by Lili Bergeron. During her time with PLAN B in Brussels, she specialized in puppets and masks. Since then, she has facilitated several workshops using mask, corporal expression and meditation as mediums for non-verbal communication and expression for vulnerable groups. Her workshops tie in Augusto Boal’s theatre for the oppressed and Peter Klein’s art therapy techniques. She has collaborated with several organizations like Centre des femmes the Montréal, Centre France terre d’ asile in Paris and the UN ACNUR Agency for refugees in Mexico City specializing in psychosocial intervention through art. This will be her second year working with Imago theatre as an Assistant Program Director for ARTISTA.