Persephone Bound

Nov. 15 – 24, 2019 


Created by Léda Davies and Jed Tomlinson
Additional text by Michaela Jeffery


“I am determined to be seen”

Persephone Bound follows a young woman’s journey through three vivid realms:
The Underworld – a college party that holds the painful memory of her experience of sexual assault;
The Court – a bureaucratic hell-sphere where she pursues her fight for justice;
and The River (Styx) – a liminal internal space where she grapples with grief, the ambiguity of memory,
and the trauma of an event that has left an indelible mark on her life.

Persephone Bound, a contemporary adaptation of the Greek Myth of Persephone, is a play that uses stunning poetry, percussion and aerial circus work to tell the story of a young woman’s courage and pain as she navigates the complexities of speaking out about surviving sexual assault.   

The performances will take place at
DB Clarke Theatre
Pavillion Henry F. Hall Bldg
1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O
Montreal, QC H3G 1M8

TICKET PRICES (including taxes):




Imago Theatre offers a Pay-What-You-Decide initiative to increase access to theatre for all. Pay-What-You-Decide tickets for Persephone Bound will only be available 15 minutes before the show. Read more about Pay-What-You-Decide here.

For all inquiries about tickets contact Geordie’s Box Office at (514) 845-9810 or

Public Performances:

Friday Nov. 15 at 7:00 pm

Saturday Nov. 16 at 4:00 pm

Sunday Nov. 17 at 2:00 pm

Thursday Nov. 21 at 7:00 pm

Friday Nov. 22 at 7:00 pm

Saturday Nov. 23 at 4:00 pm

Sunday Nov. 24 at 2:00 pm


School Group Presentations:

Tuesday Nov. 19 at 10:30 am

Wednesday Nov. 20 at 10:30 am

Thursday Nov. 21 at 10:30 am

Friday Nov. 22 at 10:30 am

Ages: 13+

The cast

Léda Davies

Jed Tomlinson

Eric Nyland

the creative team

Micheline Chevrier, Director

Diana Uribe, Set & Costume Design

Martin Sirois, Lighting Design

Lucie Vigneault, Movement Director

Elaine Normandeau, Stage Manager

Katey Wattam, Assistant Director

Danna-Rae Evasiuk, Assistant Stage Manager



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our partners

Persephone Bound is a co-presentation with Geordie Theatre and Screaming Goats Collective.

About Geordie Theatre
Geordie Theatre entertains, provokes thought, fires up the imagination, and challenges our audiences of all ages with the unique power of professional live theatre.

About Screaming Goats Collective
The Screaming Goats Collective, led by Artistic Directors Jed Tomlinson and Léda Davies, is dedicated to strengthening the creative community in Montreal through workshops and new works.

Persephone Bound’s script was developed
with Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal.


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