By debbie tucker green
Spring 2015 2015, at the Montréal, arts interculturels (MAI)
A Co-Production with Black Theatre Workshop

Photo credit: Tristan Brand

Nominated for 5 METAwards

Winner of a METAward for Outstanding Lead Performance – Actress (Lucinda Davis)

Winner of a METAward for Outstanding Sound Design (Peter Cerone)

…carefully crafted and compelling to watch.
— Broadway World
This production flies with Davis as the lead…
Davis’s virtuoso performance was surely in part due to the deft touch of veteran Montreal director Micheline Chevrier, Imago Theatre’s artistic director.
— The Montreal Gazette
Overall the success of random is built on a series of good decisions.
— Montreal Rampage

About random

In 2008, the London media was inundated with stories of innocent black teenagers who were randomly killed by accidentally straying into other people’s wars. debbie tucker green put pen to paper and humanised these stories into one moving portrayal of a family touched by such a tragedy in the hours between breakfast and lunch. One solo female performer embodies four different characters; a lazy father, a put-upon mother, a sister and brother, as well as a mischievous schoolboy who loves cheeking his elders and admiring himself. random finds laughs in cultural stereotypes and moves us to tears in the right way at the right times. random tells the story of a sister’s struggle with the sudden and tragic death of her brother. A vulnerable and brave portrait of loss, random speaks to the unjust epidemic of violence against young Black men and the families and communities left behind, in outraged grief, to mourn them.

Cast:  Lucinda Davis 

Creative Team: Quincy Armorer (Assistant Director); Peter Cerone (Sound); Micheline Chevrier (Director); Isabel Quintero Faia (Apprentice Stage Manager); Pierre- Étienne Locas (Set and Costumes); Martin Sirois (Lighting); Jessica Stinson (Stage Manager)