Shauna Janssen 


Shauna is an urban dramaturg and independent curator. In her curatorial projects, she works with artists and urban communities to create spatial stories and site responsive performances, walking performances, interventions and installations, that rethink urban sites, discourses, and themes such as the public sphere, gender, class, race, migration, gentrification, and the right to the city. In Montreal, she has collaborated with La Fonderie Darling, Heritage Montréal, Centaur Theatre, Montréal Arts Interculturel, Le Sud-Ouest de Montréal, Parks Canada, and the Centre d’histoire de Montréal. Internationally, she has created and staged collaborative site responsive works and installations in Quebec, Germany, Australia, Italy, Chile, and New Zealand. Shauna is also assistant professor in the Department of Theatre at Concordia University, Montreal, where she teaches in the Performance Creation Specialization, and courses including theatre and the city, expanded dramaturgy, and site-specific theatre.