A feminist Wikipedia editathon

Only 18% of all biographies on Wikipedia are about women



Imago Theatre, in association with Art+Feminism and Festival Jamais Lu, is hosting a feminist editathon, a community activism event allying French and English theatre creators with the mission to increase online exposure for women and non-binary theatre artists by creating, updating and translating Wikipedia entries that document women’s artistic work. We need our community’s help in creating a comprehensive database of female identifying and non-binary theatre artists whose pages we will update at the event on May 11 and throughout the rest of the season. Help us bring more gender equity to the web by making a shift/ctrl pledge. The deadline to nominate artists is May 6. We will be using this database as a resource in our commitment to update the pages of 15-20 women by August, 2019. 

Sign up to participate in the editathon on May 11 from 10-4pm at Théâtre Aux Écuries

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Here is how you can join the shift/ctrl pledge: 


Contribute to our database 

We are asking our communities to contribute to our shift/ctrl database by nominating Canadian female and non-binary theatre artists who need Wikipedia pages created, updated, or translated. We are committing to updating the Wikipedia pages of 20 artists by August, 2019 and will be using the nominations contributed by our community as a database for the shift/ctrl event and in our work to follow. We will be posting on social media about the artists whose pages we update. If given permission, we will include your name on social media and on our website as a shift/ctrl pledge partner. Nominate an artist now by clicking on the button below. 

Why an editathon?

Wikipedia is an important reference source online and one of the most visited websites in the world. Unfortunately there’s a lack of women artists on Wikipedia (in fact, only 17.82% of biographies on the site, artists or otherwise, are about women). 1source here.Infamously, Donna Strickland, the Nobel prize winner, did not have her own Wikipedia page until her Nobel win. The majority of Wikipedia editors are male (less than 10% of Wikipedia editors are women)2source here. and the resulting content on Wikipedia is predominantly male: “Two frequent criticisms of the English Wikipedia is its persistent gender and systemic biases in both its content and the people who write it.” 3source here.

The Donna Strickland example has been written about a lot, here are some examples:

Le Monde: Pourquoi Donna Strickland n’était pas sur Wikipédia

Washington Post: Why Nobel winner Donna Strickland didn’t have a Wikipedia page

Wikimedia Foundation: Why didn’t Wikipedia have an article on Donna Strickland


What is Art+Feminism?

Art+Feminism addresses the lack of representation of women artists on Wikipedia by organizing editathons around the world, predominantly during the March every year but activities associated with the organization take place year round. The campaign is currently in its sixth year: since 2014, over 7,000 participants have edited Wikipedia pages through over 500 edit-a-thon events around the globe, creating over 11,000 new Wikipedia pages. One of the members of the 2019 Leadership Collective, Amber Berson, is based in Montreal and is our main contact at Art+Feminism. She will be leading the training for the shift/ctrl event.Learn more about Art + Feminism here

 Check out Amnesty International’s BRAVE:Edit Wikipedia project.


If you have any questions please contact our event organizer Sophie Gee at

Our event will be bilingual and we are working towards being able to have child care at the event as well. 


shift/ctrl pledge partners

Individuals and organizations who have made a shift/ctrl pledge

by adding female identifying or non-binary theatre artists to the database:

Geordie Theatre

Imago Theatre 

Tableau D’Hôte Theatre

Segal Centre for the Performing Arts

Centaur Theatre 

Playwrights’ Guild of Canada 

Théâtre Denise-Pelletier

Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui

Mariia Bashmakova

Shannon Holmes

Viviane Dohle

Fiona Ritchie

Julie Mahfood

Emmanuelle Jimenez

Janis Kirshner

Erin Lindsay

Letícia Tórgo

Lyne Paquette

Alexis Diamond


Completed shift/ctrl pledges

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