The Baroness and the Pig

By Michael Mckenzie
Spring 2008, at Théâtre La Chapelle

Photo credit: Tristan Brand


Winner of the 2007-08 MECCA and AQCT Awards for Best English Production

[Nathalie Claude] pours everything into it, frequently leaving the play in the dust with a wildly expressive performance.
— The Montreal Mirror
…catch two of the city’s finest performers together on stage.
— The Hour
A worthwhile wait, to say the least.
— The Rover

About The Baroness and the Pig

Paris, end of the 19th century: an idealistic baroness decides to socialize a savage child to replace her last maid. The baroness lives through photographs of her experiences, while the pig has never even seen her reflexion in a mirror. What follows is a humorous and shocking encounter between nature and civilization; a timeless subject for our 21st century appearance-obsessed society.

Cast:  Nathalie Claude, Leni Parker 

Creative Team: Vincent Absi (Stage Manager), Érika Blais-Adam (Props), Catherine Bourgeois (Director), Jasmine Catudal (Set), Peter Cerone (Sound), Louis Hudon (Costumes), David Perreault Ninacs (Lighting), Clare Schapiro (Assistant Director)


…cleverly written, beautifully acted and inventively directed.
— CJAD Radio’s Showtime
It’s cleverly written, skilfully acted, beautifully designed, expertly directed, fine-tuned, dusted and polished – ready for the guests to arrive… As it completes its 20th season, Imago Theatre has a hit on its hands. Bravo!
— The Montreal Gazette