La corneille

By Lise Vaillancourt and translated by Maureen Labontée
Winter 2014 in Edmonton, a co-presentation with L’UniThéâtre
Spring 2015 in Montreal, in partnership with Playwrights Workshop Montreal

Photo credit: L’UniThéâtre

Here is a piece of theatre that will enthral mainstream audiences as well as alternative theatre goers. The metaphoric exploration of this mother-daughter relationship rings true. Pulled from reality, the piece soars in the surreal and tickles us with absurdity. Yet does this with lightness and humour.
— - Jeu, la revue spécialisée en théâtre

About La Corneille

Julie is a 48-year old computer consultant. She lives in a tasteful loft on the Plateau and has been doing yoga avidly for a number of years. She only buys natural products and eats bio-eco health food.  One day, when Julie arrives home from a yoga class she finds a bird, a crow, madly flailing about in her loft. No sooner does she succeed in freeing the creature, than there’s a knock at the door. When she opens it, her mother’s standing there! Julie’s mother is 75 years old and recently widowed. She’s turned up totally unexpectedly on Julie’s doorstep impeccably turned out, as usual,  suitcase in hand with every intention of staying. Up until today, Julie has always managed up to keep her mother at arms length, but now, her hyperactive, guilt-tripping, motor-mouthed mother is invading her space and taking over her life. Not only that but, strangely and without explanation, she keeps appearing and disappearing.

A very funny comedy with great heart, La corneille/The Crow is thought-provoking, touching and profound. It is about mothers and daughters, about dependence and independence. Have two generations of women ever been so different? And can those differences ever be bridged?

In Edmonton, at the Cité Francophone
Cast: Jessica Heafey, Isabelle Rousseau, Carole Saint-Cyr 

Creative Team: Micheline Chevrier (Director), Darrin Hagen (Composer/Sound Designer), Betty Hushlak (Stage Manager), Daniela Masellis (Designer)

In Montreal, at Playwrights Workshop Montreal
Cast: Clare Coulter, Lucinda Davis, Danielle Desormeaux 

Creative Team: Micheline Chevrier (Director), Emma Tibaldo (Dramaturge)