Thinking of Yu

By Carole Fréchette and translated by John Murrell
Spring, 2013 at the Centaur Theatre

Photo credit: Riccardo Cellare


Nominated for a METAward for Outstanding Supporting Female Actor – Shiong-En Chan

Thinking of YU asks some very penetrating existential questions about individual responsibility and courage. How do we determine what we can change about our world and what we can’t? Should we act anyway, regardless of what impact our actions might have? Is it better to curse the hand we’ve been dealt, or simply play it?
— Charliebois Post
Thinking of YU is an elegantly crafted play, well acted and with pitch-perfect direction by Micheline Chevrier
and set design by Pierre-Étienne Locas.
— Broadway World

About Thinking of YU

Thinking of YU is a play about one woman’s fixation with Yu Dongyue, a young Chinese journalist who was imprisoned for 17 years for having thrown paint on a poster of Mao during the Tiananmen Square student protests. Her obsessive research is interrupted by a lonely single father who mistakenly received her mail and a young Chinese woman who desperately wants to perfect her English grammar. Their unexpected companionship prompts each of them to question the consequences of fighting against injustice. They each come to grips with their relationship to the world as they wrestle with the notions of bravery, change and hope.

Cast: Shiong-En Chan, Danielle Desormeaux, Kwasi Songui 

Creative Team: Peter Cerone (Sound Design), Micheline Chevrier (Director), Pierre-Étienne Locas (Set and Costumes), Martin Sirois (Lighting) Mélanie St-Jacques (Stage Manager)


Thinking of Yu alimente la réflexion et nous rappelle brillamment que derrières les fenêtres, numériques ou non, se dressent des horizons qui nous dévisagent. Si la manière d’y répondre ne nous en vient pas naturellement, la pièce nous porte au-moins à nous demander jusqu’où ils nous questionnent.